Steering and Suspension Trainers

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Featured Products

MEG-670GPS - Front Suspension/Steering/Brake/Tire Program (w/Power Steering)

• Complete McPherson Strut Assembly
• Heavy Steel Frame with Absorption Pads
• Pneumatic Lifts to Simulate Road Conditions on Suspension
• Easy Accessibility and “Bench Level” Work Height
• Over 30 Competency Based Modules
• Tires Included for Additional Training

MEGART11220-C - Steering Unit w/ McPherson Suspension and Brakes on Mobile Frame w/ Adjustable Caster, Camber, Toe In & Toe Out

• McPherson suspension
• Shock absorber
• Spring
• Rack and pinion steering box
• Disc brake
• Drum brake
• Hydraulic pump
• Brake lever
• Steering wheel

MEGART10780 - Electrically Assisted Steering Cutaway

• Rack steering box
• Power steering motor
• Electrically assisted steering actuator
• Power steering control unit

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