Heavy / Mid / Light Duty Diesel Trainers 

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Featured Products

MEG007-D Light/Mid Duty Diesel Program

• Half Truck, Fully Operational
• After treatment (Applicable to Emission Standard)
• Breakout Box/Dynamic Fault Insertion
• OEM Components, Wiring and Connectors
• Complete HVAC (AC Faults Available upon Request)
• Full Dash
• Brakes/Steering/Suspension Included
• Full OEM Lighting & Stereo System
• Mobile Casters
• Digital Copy of Service/Maintenance Manuals

MEG320 Diesel Program

• Operational Diesel Engine 100% fully functional
• Charging/Cranking System
• After treatment / Exhaust system
• Custom Engine Stand
• Cooling System
• Instrument Panel w/ Murphy Box
• Dynamic Faulting System
• Non-invasive Breakout Box
• Radiator and Radiator Bracket
• Fuel Cell with Fuel Lines
• Regulated Battery Charger / Battery Tray
• Heavy duty locking casters
• Digital Copy of Service/Maintenance Manuals

MEG320 VW 2.0L TDI

MEG320 CM2350 ISB 6.7L

MEG550DCR6 - Cummins Diesel Trainer
Electronically Controlled Common Rail:

• Constructed from Cummins ISB, 6 CYL, 250-300 HP Engine
• Electronically Controlled Diesel Fuel Injection System
• Built in Fault Simulation
• ECM Computer System, Sensors, Actuators and Controls
• DLC for Scan Tool
• Insite Software and Virtual College
• Murphy Box
• Maintenance Manuals

MEG685-ABS Truck/Trailer Air Brake w/ABS

• Fully Functional Mobile Unit
• Electronic module connecting wheel speed sensor signals to ABS Controller
• Fault Insertion Box
• Five SPDT momentary switches
• Bendix Controller
• Six Sensors
• 115VAC Power Source
• All parts, lines, switches and warning light indicators clearly labelled

MEG820 Combined Basic and Mobile Hydraulics

• Fully operational Hydraulic system made to replicate industry & mobile hydraulic systems
• Hydraulic Test – Test mobile hydraulic circuits on the bench or test live work circuits
• Gear pump, vane pump, and axial piston/variable displacement pump
• Includes high quality and full-sized components

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