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MEGOO7 - Automotive Diagnostic Performance Center

• Half Car (Clip Car), Fully Operational
• Breakout Box/Dynamic Fault Insertion (12 Faults)
• NATEF based worksheets for each fault
• Custom School Logo on Hood
• OEM Components, Wiring and Connectors
• Complete HVAC (AC Faults Available upon Request)
• Full Dash
• Brakes/Steering/Suspension Included
• Full OEM Lighting & Stereo System

MEG520 - Recycled Gas Engine Performance Program w/ Fault Insertion

• Engine on Test Stand, Fully Operational
• Integrated ECM Breakout Box / Dynamic Fault Insertion
• OEM HVAC System (Optional AC Faults)
• Electric Assist Power Steering System (Optional)
• Full Dash, OBDII Data Link Connector
• Fuel Tank, Exhaust System w/ Catalytic Converter
• Safety Covers on all rotating components
• Coolant system sight glass (Optional)
• Mobile Casters

MEG550G - G.M. Multiport Fuel Injection Trainer

• Uses OEM Automotive Components from GM ODBII Type Vehicle
• Full Demonstration of Engine Diagnosis and Problems in Fuel System
• Live Fuel Injection Operation and Spray Patterns
• Live Ignition System with Observable Spark
• DLC Provided for Monitoring and Troubleshooting
• (6) Real World Faults

MEG570 - Engine Management System

• Build a complete engine management system
• Includes ten faults in lockable fault insertion box
• Actual automotive engine management components
• Includes student exercises and activities
• Mounted vertical on sturdy frame with casters

MEGEVAP - EVAP/Leak Detection Trainer

• Demonstrates typical EVAP system operation
• Fuel tank and cap, fuel tank pressure senso
• Purge solenoid, vent solenoid
• Test points for diagnosis
• 0.020” & 0.040” leaks can be created via manual valves
• Includes PWM activation for Purge Solenoid

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